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by Matthew Cooper

I have taken a lot of photos of the China pavilion and the Temple of Heaven over the years. Still, this is probably my favorite. This particular day had been a big bust photographically thanks to off and on rain and grey skies all day leaving me to shoot mostly inside. I kept hoping for a huge downpour to give me some puddles to work with but the rain hadn’t really left much on the ground.

Finally, midway through Illuminations there was an epic downpour and puddles started forming. This was a double win as the park emptied even quicker than usual thanks to the rain and because now I had tons of awesome puddles to work with. The rain slowed and I was able to set to photographing all around the park. For most of these photos I simply placed my camera on the ground in the puddles using a small Disney gift bag as it’s only protection. Ihave to blame myself for this as I had brought a rain jacket for my camera but forgot it in the room! Still it worked out great.

One thought I had while shooting these photos was I wouldn’t have minded having a flip screen on my D810 similar to the D750 to make framing my shots a bit easier as I had to lay face down in the puddles to get the framing for my shots. I had slightly planned ahead however and wore my fast drying and water repelling Arc’teryx gear I usually wear when hiking in the rain so it wasn’t too bad… even if they were basically dripping water as I left the park that night. Ultimately I hope it was worth the effort and you all really enjoy this shot. Thanks for looking!

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China Pavilion After the Rain - Matthew Cooper Photography January 5, 2016 - 8:46 am

[…] down with my camera in the large puddle you can see on the right of this image. While I think the previous shot is the stronger shot with the completely reflected foreground I do like this more traditional shot […]


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