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Cinderella’s Bokeh Fantasy

by Matthew Cooper
Cinderella's Bokeh Fantasy

This has really become one of my favorite things to shoot over the past few years. I continue to experiment with different angles and its lead to some results I’m really happy with. I have turned to my Nikon 70-200 more often than not for this shot and this was no exception. I shot at F3.2 but employed focus stacking so that I could get Cinderella’s face and the bird tack sharp while retaining the creamy bokeh of the background. I have shied away from F2.8 in recent trips as for shots like this as the lens, while still sharp, is definitely softer. The bokeh rendering from F2.8 and 3.2 is practically the same but I get a bit more depth of field and sharpness. Even though I’m focus stacking it really comes in handy.

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