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Cinderella & Prince Charming Sun Dance

by Matthew Cooper
Cinderella & Prince Charming Sun Dance

For this shot, I definitely did a bit of working the scene first. I will start taking shots and moving around and making adjustments until I get something I feel is the shot I was looking for. Especially with the topiaries, the most obvious shot may not be the one I want. I don’t want to just duplicate what has already been done a bunch of times.  The sun was in a good spot behind the topiaries for me to utilize it I thought so I got low and continued moving around trying to find the shot I wanted. I tried vertical but found it somewhat boring. Now I’m not one that needs to add a “tilt” to every shot but I felt it worked well with the lines of the topiary and made the shot feel more dynamic. The sunburst was a bit of extra icing on the shot.

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