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Cinderella Castle Blue & Orange

by Matthew Cooper
Cinderella Castle Blue & Orange

I am quite sure this is a new color scheme this fall season. I do not recall seeing it any other year and I am sure this is the first year I have seen anyone else post photos of it. Regardless I really like the two tone color scheme from this angle as the single colors tend to be a bit boring. Furthermore, while this is my favorite spot to shoot the castle at sunset at night all the greenery gets lost in the dark and looks drab and boring. For that reason, I opted to go for a vertical composition here to keep the shrubs to a minimum. I also opted for the Nikon 35 1.4 for a tighter composition as opposed to my often used and much wider Nikon 14-24. This gave me a result I am much happier with than my previous horizontal, extremely wide shots from this area.

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