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Chip N Dale & Pluto Flower & Garden Festival Topiaries

by Matthew Cooper

To be honest this photo is just OK… I’m mostly posting it to talk about (complain?) something odd I experienced shooting this one. I initially had the Nikon 24-70 F4s on my camera and was waiting patiently for the monorail to come around so I could have it in my frame. As I waited the sun was beating down strongly and I noticed my frame through the viewfinder was getting foggier by the second. Within about a minute it was completely fogged, and I couldn’t see the scene at all. There was no fogging on the front element, and I could nothing on the back element of the lens or the sensor. I swapped out to the Nikon 14-30 F4s and all was good. Somehow the internals of the 24-70 F4s fogged up just from being in direct sunlight for a few minutes. Really weird and something I’ve never experienced with any other lens, even in direct sunlight for hours. What’s the dealeo Nikon?

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