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Chillin’ Like a Villain

by Matthew Cooper
Chillin’ Like a Villain

This is the Walt Disney World version of Splash Mountain which I shot with the Nikon Z7 and 35 1.8S lens. This is an incredible dark ride combo and very light weight. Sharpness is through the roof in comparison to my DSLR and prime lens setups. My only complaint, as has always been the case with the 35mm is it’s a bit too tight for some of the dark rides for my taste. I think that 28mm is the perfect focal length for 99% of dark ride shots in the parks, which is why my Nikon 28 1.4 remains my favorite lens to shoot the dark rides. Additionally, the rendering appears to be just a bit nicer on the Nikon 28 1.4 compared to the 35 1.8S. Of course, the Nikon 28 1.4 is $2000 and the 35 1.8S is only $850 so you’re getting a lot of value from the 35mm.

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