Blue Skies Over the Rivers of America

This shot of the Rivers of America is one of those classic shots that nearly everyone has. It’s a really easy shot and everyone passes by and tends to get this shot. What I really liked about this result was just how blue the sky was and the clouds add a nice dynamic to the scene. I think the red of Harper’s Mill contrasts really well against the deeper blues in the shot. Having the Liberty Belle docked really helps balance and finish off the shot.

Shooting & Editing Blue Skies Over the Rivers of America

This was shot with the Nikon D810 and Sigma 24 1.4 ART. I rented the Sigma for this most recent trip and I really love the 24mm focal length for walking around Disney. Thus I kept it on my camera a lot during the day to give it a thorough work out and rarely felt I needed to swap it out just walking around. Editing on this shot was very simple. I applied a levels adjustment along with Nik Color Efex Pro Contrast followed by a very small color balance adjustment and bump in the saturation. I added a light Orton Effect in the sky and water and then sharpened for my final result.