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Be Our Guest Sunset

by Matthew Cooper
Be Our Guest Sunset

For most of the trip until this day the skies had been rather dreary and disappointing. I was able to use the rain to my advantage earlier in the week but was really hoping for a break and even just one beautiful sunset. Finally on day 4 things appeared to be shaping up for a spectacular sunset. The sky was blue with plenty of clouds and sunset was approaching.

Now normally I would start chasing the light from Cinderella Castle but due to the construction on the ramps and bridge there were tarps that made it pointless to photograph. With that in mind I decided to try my luck from the new Beauty and the Beast area and nature decided to deliver a stunner. From here I was then able to chase the light along the Rivers of America into Frontierland for a variety of excellent sunset shots which I’ll be sharing here and there.

For this shot I used the Nikon 14-24 2.8 which is always a favorite of mine for these types of shots but a new element is I finally have an adapter and set of ND filters including grads I have that I can utilize with the Nikon 14-24 2.8. This was useful as even bracketing you will often get areas of the sky that are blown out. Utilizing the ND I was able to properly expose the sky which allowed me more flexibility with blending my exposures so the sky was exposed exactly as I wanted in each spot. I hope you enjoy the final result.

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