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An Evening at Crystal Palace

by Matthew Cooper
An Evening at Crystal Palace

On this evening I opted to use my Nikon 28 1.4 as a walk around lens. Typically, I use this lens for dark rides, but the rendering of this lens is so amazing I’ve started using it for other stuff too. Combined with the Z7 it may be my absolute favorite combo now. The Z7 ability to dial in a perfect exposure with no guess work required has helped me cut down heavily on bracketing. Also, the in-camera stabilization allows me to shoot at much slower shutter speeds hand held than I ever dreamed possible with my previous DSLRs. This shot is 1/20sec at ISO 320, something I would have never managed previously with my shaky hands. I would have needed to boost the ISO to get a faster shutter speed or waste time setting up a tripod. In the fading evening light that would mean getting to shoot fewer scenes. In conclusion, the Z7 has made an immediate and noticeable positive impact on how I shoot and the images I produce. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to jump to the Nikon mirrorless system.

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