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Alice & the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

by Matthew Cooper
Alice & the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Today I’m going to dive in with the first of many dark ride shots from Disneyland. As a classic dark ride lover Disneyland really delivers the goods. There’s so many classics to enjoy. They’re short but oh so satisfying. It makes me sad Walt Disney World is heading more in the big thrill ride direction.


This shot from the Alice in Wonderland dark ride was taken with my Nikon 28 1.4. Until now I’ve never actually owned a fast prime lens for dark rides. I’ve rented many lenses over the years both Nikon and Sigma. I was very unhappy with my Sigma experience and honestly was getting tired of renting. I often found the 24 1.4 to be a bit too wide for my tastes while the 35 1.4 sometimes was too tight. When Nikon announced the 28 1.4 I knew this was the lens for me and ordered it almost immediately (Adobe doesn’t even have a lens profile for this thing yet!). It does not disappoint. The rendering of this lens is absolutely magnificent and at least in my opinion bests the 24 and 35 lenses easily. I’m really looking forward to getting this thing down to Walt Disney World to reshoot some favorites.

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