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by Matthew Cooper
I tried two new things with my photography this trip. The first which I want to talk about today is the use of a nighttime light pollution filter. Theoretically this filter reduces the light haze in the sky caused from light pollution. I watched several videos and looked at many example photos all of which were by astrophotographers using them to shoot already dark skies. In all the examples the filter did a good job of reducing light pollution, increasing contrast and improving what I’ll call smoothness in the sky. I was curious how this would work out in a very light polluted area such as Walt Disney World and I’m happy to report I found the results to exceed my expectations. My night skies are much nicer straight out of camera with limited hazing and light blooming in the sky. The contrast and especially the night sky color is very nice straight out of camera with much less work required to get the result I’m going for. It did not have a detrimental effect on the foreground where I also noticed increased contrast and less light blooming.
You can purchase the filter I used by clicking here. Make sure to choose the appropriate size for your lens.

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