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A Sun Kissed Epcot

by Matthew Cooper
A Sun Kissed Epcot

I think at the moment my favorite park to shoot is Epcot. Even if some of the attractions need some updates the exteriors still provide lots of opportunities for great photos. I also love how many different spots you can get great sunset photos in the park, literally from front to back. This shot is again from an evening I spent chasing the sun. I really loved the contrast of color here between the glow from the sunset beginning and the blue sky to the left. Fortunately I only had to wait a minute or two to get a monorail to help balance out the shot.

Shooting & Editing A Sun Kissed Epcot

This was shot with the Nikon D810 and Nikon 14-24 2.8. It is a single exposure edit. I really wish all my shots could be a single exposure but still the dynamic range of some images, especially when shooting in the sun tends to exceed what you can accomplish in a single exposure. Fortunately it worked out here and I simply double processed this single exposure and blended them together. The majority of this edit was spent tweaking the color balance to get the contrasting oranges and blues just right. I color balanced the left and right side of the image separately and then used a gradient mask to blend them together seamlessly. I made several hue/saturation adjustments both to the level of saturation as well as adjusting hues ever so slightly. I denoised the sky and sharpened the foreground for the completed image.

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