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A Spaceship Earth Full of Food & Wine

by Matthew Cooper
A Spaceship Earth Full of Food & Wine

The past few years we’ve made certain to plan our yearly Disney trip around the Food & Wine Festival. It’s one of our favorite times to go to the parks and as we usually go towards the end of October / early November the weather is usually pretty nice along with lighter crowds. Plus there’s always a cool feature in the planter in front of Spaceship Earth which helps freshen up this shot a bit. Unfortunately we’ve missed the Flower & Garden Festival for a few years running but it looks like we’re gonna make it back for a quick trip this year!

Shooting & Editing A Spaceship Earth Full of Food & Wine

This was shot with the Nikon D810 and Nikon 14-24 2.8. This is another shot taken on my night shooting all the puddle shots and I love the extra sheen the wet ground gives to the shot here. It really helps it take on a new character in my opinion. I used 2 shots for this shot. One as my base exposure and an underexposure I used to tame the highlights. Editing was very basic and standard to the approach I’ve laid out many times before.

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