A Monorail's Reflection of Spaceship Earth - Matthew Cooper Photography
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A Monorails Reflection of Spaceship Earth

A Monorail’s Reflection of Spaceship Earth

I haven’t done a Monorail Monday post in quite some time so I figured it was time for another one. This was one of the last shots I took the night of the epic downpour at Epcot but one of my favorites. I found this nice puddle to use as a reflection for Spaceship Earth and being close to the rail I framed it up to shoot it with the monorail as well. I took a set of brackets and then changed up my settings for the monorail. As I wasn’t carrying a flash I had no choice but to go for the high ISO option to freeze and expose for the monorail. One additional plus to this method is it makes blending realistically exponentially easier.

For this shot I blended 2 of my 5 bracket shots together to create my base and then blended in the monorail from the high ISO shot. I’d love to say I planned to have the monorail reflection as well but honestly it was a happy accident. When I checked my shots after the monorail went by and saw that not only did I have Spaceship Earth’s reflection but the monorail had reflected in another nearby puddle I was ecstatic. For all the planning and thought I put into shots its funny that some of my favorite captured moments just happen to be things I didn’t expect or couldn’t have planned for.

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Matthew Cooper