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A Magic Kingdom Fall Time Entrance

by Matthew Cooper
A Magic Kingdom Fall Time Entrance

The bad thing about visiting the parks at the end of a particular season is you end up with a lot of seasonally inappropriate shots to post for the next year. This isn’t too big of a deal for Epcot, Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom, but they really deck out Magic Kingdom for the holidays. Still, I do this nearly every year so I’m no stranger to posting shots out of season and if anything I think it keeps what I’m posting unique (for the time) among all the other stuff being posted.

Now I have a quick story for when I took this shot. This was my last shot of the night and I was all setup and just waiting for a few cast members to finish doing some pickup around the area. One of these had a huge rolling trash can that he was using to unload the smaller trash cans. Of course after he had unloaded the trash can on the right he left the rolling can there and went out of frame to talk to another CM. Just great, I figured now I’d really be waiting a while. Just as I was thinking this the trash can started rolling downhill, eventually heading right for me and my tripod. I stepped out in front and stopped the can and used one of the poles behind me to rest the can and stop it from rolling. The bonus of course that now my shot was completely clear which I knocked out quickly a 5 shot bracket. Just as I was finishing the CM came back and looked very confused as to where his trash can went until I pointed out to him where it had rolled. He was quite thankful I was there as the can probably would have rolled all the way down to gates at the lake based on its trajectory and then he really would have been confused.

Shooting/Editing A Magic Kingdom Fall Time Entrance

This was shot with the Nikon D810 and Nikon 14-24 2.8. It was a 5 shot bracket. Nothing too special on the editing on this one. Basic color adjustments, levels adjustments and sharpening were done.

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