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Read and see photos from my adventures to Disney World and beyond!

Pan & Hook Duel

Every trip I take 100s of dark ride photos and then proceed to edit 2-3 and that's all I share. That seems kind of dumb because I have lots of great dark

Cindy Purples

Not much to say about today’s shot of Cinderella Castle other than I really enjoy the color reflections on the ground you get during this color scheme. All blue is still my

The Two Skies of the Epcot Resorts

Honestly, I debated back and forth about even releasing this photo. It’s ultimately a picture of nothing as I’m way to wide to really show anything other than the sky. This was

Smoky Mountain Fall Stream

All this hot weather has me missing fall in the Smokies. Can't wait for it to be back! This was taken just off the road of the main road running through the

Sunset Boulevard Nights

Today's shot is another shot with the Nikon 35 1.4. In addition to the tighter view I get with this lens I love just how natural the scenes look with this lens.

Tomorrowland Nights

On my most recent trip I rented the Nikon 35 1.4 for dark ride shooting but ended up using it quite a bit as my walk around lens too. As a result,

Cinderella Castle Nights

Main Street USA is a lot of fun after hours for photographers, but I find the tendency is often to go for the wider-angle lenses. There are some great shots to be

Spaceship Earth Nights

Today's photo makes use of my stars technique I shared yesterday. Although I haven't posted anything new in a while I have been doing a bit of editing. One of the things

Making Stars POP

I am asked Photoshop questions pertaining to editing my Disney photos all the time. No question has been asked more than how do I do the stars in my photos. Some have

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